Simply better for authors

Bespoke is committed to making life easier and fairer for new authors

Unlimited changes until you're 100% happy

So many companies quote a price and then charge you extra when you need changes.

The price you thought you were paying turns out to be much higher. And every time you need a change you feel stressed. After all you just want to write the best book possible but you're being charged every time you try to make it better.

We thought this was wildly unfair, so we keep making changes until you're happy. You're never stuck with a book cover, interior or any detail that you don't love.

Keep your book's copyright. Now and forever.

Unlike most companies we'll never ask you to sign away your book's copyright. You keep full ownership of your book, now and forever.

Plus, this gives you freedom so you can move publishers, turn your book into an audiobook, sell the film rights, or translate it to other languages, all while having the peace of mind that the rights remain yours.

100% of your royalties go to you. We don't take a penny.

You've worked hard writing your book, so why give away the money you earn from it?

Unlike most companies, we don't take a penny of your royalties. You keep all your royalties and they get paid straight to you. We don't get in the middle. Much fairer, don't you think?

Just say no to a bad contract

Many authors tell us they got tricked into signing a bad contract. They were approached by a publisher and felt flattered, so they signed, only later to discover they'd made a big mistake, giving away their rights, royalties and ownership.

So to help you keep 100% in control over your book, we don't ask you to sign a contract. Freedom is fairer.

Your book. Your way

Not every author wants to hustle to be a bestseller. Or sell like a car salesman. No matter your reason for writing, we'll help you publish your book, your way.

No Jargon or Tech-Speak

Authors love to write, but most don't want to deal with jargon and tech talk. So we speak to you in simple language. No NASA degree needed!