The author-friendly way to self-publish your book 

Quit querying agents. Banish book proposals. Self-publish your book with personal expert help - without fuss or frustration.

Your book, your way

Whether you want a book to show to family and friends, whether you want to write your memoir, whether you want to share your message with the world , or perhaps publish the next great novel, we'll help you self-publish it, your way.

Say goodbye to overwhelm

From countless rounds of editing, to proofreading, to formatting, to cover design, to publishing platforms, the to-do list for the first-time author is endless. With so many steps to publishing a book it's easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated. We'll help you get clear on the best path to take, and personally advise you with each and every step. 

And we'll take care of everything

Simply put - we'll do it all for you. We'll design the interior of your book so it looks perfect in all formats. We'll create a beautiful book cover so your book looks professional. Plus we'll complete every step along the way to a published book for you - so you're never confused of overwhelmed.


Beautiful bespoke cover design to make your book stand out

We've designed over 2,000 books, so you're guaranteed a beautiful and professional cover. And with unlimited changes, we keep designing until you're 100% happy.

Your cover design includes:

  • Custom design
  • Paperback cover
  • Ebook cover
  • Beautiful fonts
  • Back text layout
  • Author bio
  • 3D marketing image
  • Unlimited changes
  • Front, spine and back
  • Amazon compatible
  • All images included
  • Barcode added
  • Pricing info included
  • Professional results

interior formatting

The perfect interior to bring your words to life

Readers expect a perfect interior whether they're reading an ebook, paperback or hardback. Poor interior formatting can lead to bad reviews. So why not give your writing the professional finish it deserves.

Your interior design includes:

  • Paperback interior
  • Ebook interior
  • All fonts included
  • Perfect margins
  • Page numbers
  • Epilogue
  • About author page
  • Matching title page
  • Copyright page
  • Chapter headings
  • Table of contents
  • Dedication page
  • Acknowledgement page
  • Back marketing page

copyright clarity

U.S. copyright advice so your book is protected

Protecting your words is an important step in getting your book published. It helps you claim ownership, avoid legal headaches and secure your book for generations to come.

We'll advise you exactly how to do you, so you:

  • Secure your rights
  • No plagiarism worries
  • Save on legal fees
  • Avoid legal headaches
  • Future-proof your book
  • Enjoy peace of mind


We take care of listing your book on Amazon

If you're not a computer whizz, getting your book onto Amazon can seem like a task better left to NASA. So to help you avoid all the frustration and overwhelm we'll take care of it all for you.

You get all this included:

  • Full Amazon listing
  • Cover files uploaded
  • Genre selection
  • Categories
  • Keywords selected
  • Interior files uploaded
  • Amazon description
  • Author bio text
  • Tax registration advice
  • Royalty advice
  • Pricing advice


Keep 100% of your book's royalties

You've worked hard writing your book, so why give away the money you earn from it? Unlike most companies, we don't take a penny of your royalties. You keep all your royalties and they get paid straight to you. We don't get in the middle. Much fairer, don't you think?

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you:

  • Keep all royalties
  • Payments go to you 
  • No middleman
  • Fairer for the author
  • Earn what you deserve
  • You're not locked in
  • Royalties go to you
  • No worries or stress


Step-by-step ISBN advice to make your book official

ISB-what? If you want to sell your book on different book platforms you need an ISBN. Think of it like your book's finger-print. We'll advise you on the pitfalls to avoid, exactly how to purchase one and what imprint details to register. Does not include the price of purchasing ISBN.

We'll guide you through the process:

  • Registration advice
  • Step-by-step guidance
  • ISBNs explained
  • Price selection
  • Peace of mind
  • Make your book official
  • Future-proof your book
  • Imprint name advice


Just say no to a bad contract

Many authors tell us they got tricked into signing a bad contract. They were approached by a publisher and felt flattered, so signed. Only to discover they'd made a big mistake, giving away their rights, royalties and ownership. So to help you keep 100% in control over your book, we don't ask you to sign a contract. Freedom is fairer.

Enjoy peace of mind with:

  • No restrictive contract
  • You own your book
  • You stay in control
  • You're not restricted
  • You're not locked in
  • No legal worries


Keep your book's copyright. Forever.

Unlike most companies we never ask you to sign away your book's copyright. You keep full ownership of your book, now and forever. Plus, this gives you the freedom to move publishers, turn your book into an audiobook or film, or translate it to different languages, all while knowing the rights are still yours.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you:

  • Keep your book rights
  • Keep your film rights
  • Freedom to publish
  • Stay in control
  • You're not restricted
  • You're not locked in
  • Retain your rights
  • No worries or stress


Don't Settle For Anything Less.

Writing a book is tough enough. Unfortunately, lots of companies make it worse by taking authors rights and royalties, and tying them into bad contracts. We're different.

Here's some of the ways we've made a service that's fairer to you - the author.

Beautiful bespoke
book cover design

so your book cover looks like a best-seller, as people really do judge a book by its cover. 

Professional interior formatting

so you can present your words in the most professional way possible to delight readers. 

Unlimited changes until you're 100% happy

so you're never stuck with a book cover, interior or any detail that you don't love.

You keep 100% of your rights & royalties

so you get peace of mind knowing you're in control. All royalties are paid direct to you.

One-on-one zoom calls included

Want to talk face-to-face? We'd be happy to hop on Zoom at prearranged times to suit you.

Contact throughout the process

Some companies hide from authors. How unfair! You'll always be able to talk to us.

Helpful advice and hand-holding

We'll guide you if you're stuck or have a question. No more frustrated Googling.

You'll never feel lost or confused.

If you feel stuck or don't know what to do, we're always here to help you. 

ISBN registration advice

We advise you how to buy an ISBN for your book, so it can be sold on different platforms.

Copyright advice & registration

Copyrighting your book is a necessary, but often painful task, which we take care of.

Advice on correct book pricing

Correct pricing is vital to get right, so we help you pick the best price for maximum sales.

Author bio writing help & support

A professional bio helps people get to know you. We advise you the best way to write it.

Book category selection

Choosing the correct category is crucial for good book sales. We'll advise how to get it right.

Keyword help & advice

Keywords are important so people can find your book online. We'll advise you how.

Amazon book description

People read this before deciding to buy your book, so it's vital to get right first time.

Back blurb text critique

Think of this as a mini-ad for your book. Learn to "sell" your story here and readers will buy.

Amazon sales page setup & advice

There are so many small things to get right on your sales page to maximise book sales.

You keep 100% of your copyright

Unlike most companies, we believe you deserve to keep 100% of your copyright.

Book marketing  advice

We'll advise you how to market your book, without needing to be a sleazy car salesman!

We list your book on Amazon

This can seem like a task better left to NASA. So to help you avoid the frustration we'll list it for you. 

Personal, friendly support and expert advice

Hate it when you can't get help? We answer emails personally, so you get help fast.

One fee.
No hidden or extra charges

Know exactly what you're paying and never get any nasty surprises.

No lock-in or restrictive contract

We don't requite you to sign any contract, so you're never locked into a bad agreement.

The author friendly way to a beautiful book

Caroline and I strive to make everything about our service friendly and personal. 

If you love to write but hate the thought of having to produce a book on your own and shoulder all responsibilities yourself, we'd love to help you.

Our schedule to currently full, but you can join the waitlist now by clicking the button below. We'll then to let you know more details and when the next client slot becomes available.

Your email is safe and we hate spam, so you can be sure we'll look after you.


Personal and friendly support

So many companies are faceless and cold to new authors. You get passed from person to person and never know who you're really dealing with. Frustrating to say the least! We're family-run so you'll always know who you're talking to, and we'll stay with you from start to finish.

A family business that treats authors like family.

A lot of publishing companies talk about their corporate offices, industry awards or fancy jargon. But to many new authors this can seem daunting and intimidating.

You won't find any corporate fanciness with us. We work from our home here in England, and prefer to think of our authors as friends.

Our aim is to help you get past the hurdles so you can publish your book without stress or frustration.

There are many steps to get absolutely right when you publish your book. At times it can seem so overwhelming many authors simply give up. It's such a shame as lots of wonderful books never get to see the light of day. 

So, we believe you need lots of support along the way, so you can cross the finish line with ease and finally publish your book.

We look forward to working with you and welcoming you to the 'family'.

Peter & Caroline O'Connor

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Your email is safe and we hate spam, so you can be sure we'll look after you.

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