Simply better for authors

Other companies take away your book rights, royalties and control. That's unfair. So we decided to make it much fairer for you - the author. See how we compare.

Other Companies

Bespoke Author

Cover design

Charge you extra fees for every design change 

Basic templated design

Inexperienced designers

Go through managers. No access to designer

Unlimited free changes until you're happy

Bespoke professional book cover design 

We've designed 2000+ beautiful covers since 2007

Talk directly to your designer


Basic Microsoft Word interior

Extra charge for paperback formatting

Interior looks fine in print, but often looks bad in digital format (Kindle, iPad etc)

Beautiful pixel-perfect interior formatting

Paperback and ebook interior included 

Perfect interior formatting, so it looks amazing in print and displays perfectly on all digital devices


They take 50% to 70% of your royalties

They keep your accumulated royalties and then only pay out to you once a year

You keep 100% of your royalties

All your royalties are paid to you every month directly from Amazon


Force you to sign over your book rights 

Small print means you forgo ownership of film rights, audio rights and foreign language rights

If you want to get your rights back, you're forced to wait out the contract period, or spend thousands to buy back your rights

You keep 100% of your rights

You keep 100% of your rights. You keep your film, audiobook, and foreign language rights forever.

We fundamentally believe you should always be able to keep the rights to your book. You've spent so long writing it, why give it away now.


Lock you into long-term or lifetime contract

Unexpected extra charges

No lock-in or restrictive contract

One fee. No hidden or extra charges

Submission process

Frustrating submission process. You could be ignored, or you may wait months for a reply

No submission process. You simply contact us and Peter & Caroline will talk to you about your book


After the 90 day submission process, if you then get accepted you're forced to wait again. The average extra time to finally get published is 2 years. So this make the total time to publish nearly 2.5 years

As soon as your book is ready, we'll publish it. During this time you're working with us to make a great book. Not waiting around.


Outsourced support, so you never know who you are talking to.

Many companies hide from customers, making it difficult to get help. Infuriating!

Frustrating 'no-reply' emails and customer support 'tickets' so you can never get through to talk to a real human for help.

Personal 1-on-1 support from Peter and Caroline so you can be sure of continuity of service

Contact from Peter and Caroline throughout the process, so you never feel lost or in the dark

We hate 'no-reply' emails. You can always talk to us when you need help. In fact, why not say hello directly to

Trusted by 2000+ authors since 2007

Caroline and myself (Peter) have been lucky enough to work with authors from every genre over the years. So if you're looking for help we'd love to chat to you.

Have questions or want to chat about your book? We'd love to hear from you.
Our email is, or you can

And we'll reply to you in a flash. We want to hear from you.