What authors say about working with us.

Understandably, asking a designer to create your book cover can be daunting. Your book is your 'baby' after all. And you want it's cover to encapsulate everything about your book.

So we asked some of our clients to talk about what they thought about working with us. 

Questions: Email peter@bespokeauthor.com and my wife Caroline or I will be glad to help you.

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Below you can a small selection of book cover designs we've created for authors just like you.


What you'll receive when we design a beautiful cover for your book.

I'm sure you want to know what's included, so I've listed everything below for you.

Paperback and Ebook Cover

so your book looks beautiful for readers in both paperback and digital ebook formats.

Print-Ready Book Cover

so when your book is printed by Amazon it looks crystal-clear and pixel perfect for your new readers.

Cover Sized to Your Page Count

we make sure the cover fits your final page count so the spine is the correct width and is perfect when manufactured.

No Image
Copyright Worries

all images used on your cover comply with copyright laws. So you never have to worry about copyright problems.

Perfect Back Cover Text Blurb

We take care to place your back text blurb so it attracts new readers and makes them want to buy your book.

Files To Upload to Amazon

when we complete the design we sent you the finished cover files so you can easily upload them to Amazon.

Front, Back and Spine Included

so no matter which way your readers look at your book the cover is professional and beautiful from all angles.

Barcode ISBN Placement

so your book is recognised by book sales systems around the world. Vital if you want to sell on different platforms.

One-On-One Support

so you always know where you are at each stage through the process. We're always here to help you.

Unlimited Changes & No Extra Fees

Most importantly we offer unlimited changes, so you can rest assured there will be no extra fees or added charges if you need any changes made. We'll keep designing until you're 100% happy with your new cover.

Questions: Email peter@bespokeauthor.com and my wife Caroline or I will be glad to help you.


Watch the videos below to hear what authors have to say in their own words

My wife Caroline and I would like to thank all the authors who sent in their videos. It's truly such a pleasure to work with you on your book journey.

Exactly what I needed for
my target audience

⁠— James Scott, author of Reach for the Sky

If you want a book cover that helps to sell your book

⁠— Trish Evans, author of Katy's Ghost

They were extremely responsive and very friendly

⁠— Cade Rose, author of The Vigilante Project

They're amazing at what they do. I highly recommend them

⁠— Lisa Brennan, author of Whispering a Quiet Hope

He nailed the brief immediately, and understood the tone exactly 

⁠— James Baker, author of The Unmourned

They nailed all three cover designs on the first go

⁠— Mike Saad, author of A Day Late

Since I had them do my cover, sales have increased dramatically

⁠— Steven Wilkens, author of The Lost Tribe

I sent Peter my ideas. The cover came back and it was perfect

⁠— Nicole Baquie, author of An Extraordinary Promise

They were patient with me and changes were done instantly

⁠— Mitchell Hockenbury, author of Tactical Influence

I felt Peter based his design specifically around my needs

⁠— Deanna Rutledge, author of A Far and Distant Cry

When they sent the cover to me it was perfect! It amazed me.

⁠— Adrian Cousins, author Jason Aspley's Second Chance

They really took the time to communicate. It put me at ease.

⁠— Erin Shacory, author of Warrior Muse

I couldn't be happier. It was a great experience.

⁠— Kristina Davis, author of Heaven and Earth

I can't say enough great things about work with Peter & Caroline.

⁠— Angie Flynn-McIver, author of Before You Say Anything

There are no hidden fees. The spine and back is included. I am very happy to recommend Peter. 

⁠— Kim Kennamer, author of Always a Detour

Quick and easy, the first
design was on the spot

⁠— L.A. Villafane, author of The Other Gloria

When it came through it was an actual 'wow moment'

⁠— Gary Pearson, author of The Highwayman

They wouldn't finish until everyone was happy 

⁠— Margaretha Javits, author of The Folkungs

Peter captured exactly what
I intended the cover to be

⁠— Peter Rusatsky, author of The Boxman

I've never had such wonderful reactions. I couldn't be happier

⁠— Ciji Ware, author of Landing by Moonlight

My book sales have gone up dramatically with the new cover 

⁠— William Porter, author of Alcohol Explained

The cover is so good it makes me to want to read my book again

⁠— Deb Carr, author of YA fantasy novels

I heartily recommend
Peter and Caroline to you

⁠— J.B.E. McNally, author of The Ericksson Bequest

My God I was just blown away.
It was just wow, wow, wow!

⁠— David Bartels, author of Saving Ellie

This book cover has given my book the best chance to succeed

⁠— Simon Kettlewell, author of Eternity Leave

A great process, very easy going. And a great value.

⁠— Jocolby Phillips, author of Rise of the Beast

Peter & his wife Caroline share their extensive knowledge.

⁠— MJ DelConte, author of Cataclysm

They were easy to reach, and quick to answer my questions.

⁠— MC Thomas, author of A Warrior Still

He perfectly captured the essence of what my book is about.

⁠— Noel Gleeson, author of Sanctuary

They know what they're doing. My book is out only a few days and already sold 100 copies.

⁠— Scott Hendrix, author of The Garden Spot

Peter and Caroline offered unlimited changes

— Peter Cartwright, author of Bael of King's Blood

It took a lot of stress off of me.
I highly recommend them. 

⁠— Jo DeFord, author of The Secret Must Be Kept

The cover is outstanding,
just what I needed

⁠— Nick Wastnage, author of Otto and Frankie

 When I saw the cover I thought: Yes, this is the one! 

⁠— Ray Christie, author of The Oxford Code

They got exactly what I needed,
I highly recommend them 

⁠— Nick Thornicroft, author of Bristol Ghost Stories

I'm number one in Amazon
in my category

⁠— Gail Schilling, author of Do Not Go Gentle, Go To Paris

If you're on the fence and want a quality cover, check them out

⁠— Kevin Parham, author of Westville

I was impressed with Peters timeliness and professionalism

⁠— Austin M. Rogers, author of The Third Temptation

 The cover was better than
I expected. It was perfect!

⁠— Paul Froehler, author of Drafted Into Life

They were exceptionally helpful. I'm thrilled with the final result

⁠— James Craig, author of In Deep

It's almost as if you're corresponding with a friend. 

⁠— Charlotte Crawford, Guts, Ruts and a Model T Truck

Peter answered all my questions and the work was outstanding.

⁠— Anthony Conti, author of Everyday Holiness

Reached #11 on Amazon in my genre on new book releases list.

⁠— Sharon Hoisager, author The Cornmarket Conspiracy

The result is outstanding and the impact is exactly as I'd hoped.

⁠— Michelle McLennan, author of The Aworian

They did the interior formatting too, which looks as beautiful as the cover design they designed.

⁠— Sam Smedley, author of Flying Ant Day

Questions: Email peter@bespokeauthor.com and my wife Caroline or I will be glad to help you.